Home Security Service Frequently Asked Questions

We have been asked a lot of questions about our home security services over the past 35 years. Since you might have similar questions, we put together a list of some of the most frequently asked ones for your reference.

Q: Do I need a phone line to buy a home security system?
A: No. We wanted to find a way for everyone, regardless of whether they had a home phone line or not, to be able to keep their property and loved ones safe. You can buy a home security system that uses an SafeLink radio system as an option. The radio system uses our network to reliably communicate with our local central station here in Albuquerque. Our technicians are fully prepared to respond to an alarm system trip immediately, regardless of how they will contact you.

Q: How many false alarms will I have, on average?
A: Approximately one to two every year. These false alarms include someone opening a window accidentally when the alarm is set or opening a door before the alarm is turned off. No matter what, we will follow your custom protocol after receiving notification of a tripped alarm to check on you. Ultimately, an accidentally tripped alarm system a couple times a year is a small price to pay for peace of mind and security.

Q: How difficult is the home security surveillance system to operate?
A: Very easy. Our home security and surveillance equipment takes very little training to operate once the system is installed. Our installation technicians will go over the specifics of your alarm system until you have the proper understanding needed to operate it. And you always have access to an operator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for immediate support. They are trained to answer any question you might have about the operation of your system.

Q: Will you perform surveillance on my home security system locally or from out-of-state?
A: Locally. Home Security Systems, Inc. has invested in providing the best possible service to you by building our own central monitoring station in 1989. We are the only Albuquerque-based security company that monitors your alarm system from our offices here in New Mexico. You’ll get the quickest response times from Home Security Systems, Inc. along with being familiar with the area because we are local.

Q: Can you install a hybrid system?
A: Yes. A hybrid system, or one that is both hardwired and wireless, can be installed in your home depending on your needs and available space. Whether your system is hardwired, wireless or hybrid, there is no difference in the quickness of response you will receive from us.

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