Albuquerque Home Camera-Security Camera Installation Options Outside Home

The safety and protection of your home is our highest priority at Home Security Systems, Inc.. When you want to be more aware of your property, we can install a home security camera system to maximize the security of your home.

What You Can Do With a Home Security Camera System

Achieving peace of mind is simple when you have Home Security Systems, Inc. perform security camera installation in your home or small business. With access to these security cameras in Albuquerque on a closed circuit system, you can monitor, what’s happening in and around your home either by local network or through the internet. You can:

  • See who is ringing the doorbell
  • Check on the noise in the backyard without leaving the security of your home
  • See who is in your home
  • Keep an eye on the kids and family

You can also receive notification if a motion sensor on the camera is activated or wires are disconnected for any reason. We offer monitoring and maintenance response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience and security through our local central station.

Home Security Camera Options

At Home Security Systems, Inc., you have options when it comes to viewing your home through security cameras. You can either opt for:

  • One direction cameras. These cameras are pointed in one direction to capture all activity that passes through the area. They can be zoomed for extra concentration.
  • 360 degree cameras. These cameras can be controlled remotely to point at virtually any direction. They can also be zoomed in for concentration on one area.

All cameras outside home in Albuquerque can feed through a hardwired, wireless or hybrid system to monitor different parts or structures in and around your home or business. You can choose to have them come with a memory chip for added protection.

We provide several types of security cameras to Albuquerque, we can place your Albuquerque camera outside home for capturing any outdoor activity.

Mobile Video Trailers

Home Security Systems, Inc. offers mobile video trailers that can capture the activity around your home, business or neighborhood. You, or your neighborhood board association, can use these to keep an eye on the construction area of your new home or to deter vandalism. These mobile video trailers are available to rent on a one-time or ongoing basis.

Remote Home Security Camera System Monitoring

Want to check in to make sure everything’s okay at home even when you can’t be there physically? After your security camera installation is complete, you’ll have access to the feed from any device with Internet access. If requested, you can even control the angle of your home security cameras remotely. Contact Home Security Systems, Inc. to protect your home today.

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