Fire Alarm Monitoring System in Albuquerque and NM

Burglary isn’t the only threat to your home and loved ones. Last year, fire departments around the country responded to over one million fires, resulting in property damages of over 12 trillion dollars. Studies show that the quicker a fire department can respond to a fire, the less extensive the damage will be. A fully integrated safelink fire alarm monitoring system offers immediate response from a fully-trained professional operator. Home Security Systems, Inc. can install and monitor a system that will keep your family safe.

Simple Smoke Detectors Fall Short

Smoke detectors are a very important safety feature for your home and business. They can alert sleeping or unaware residents that smoke is permeating the home. But a simple smoke alarm can fall short when it comes to rescue and property damage.

For example, if a person in a home filling with smoke is unable to reach a phone or get to safety, they may become trapped and risk losing consciousness. Every second is crucial to their safety. A fully-integrated monitoring system can offer a lifeline when there no one else is present.

Fully-Integrated Safe Link Fire Alarm Monitoring System

A fully integrated safelink fire alarm monitoring system is paired with your alarm system to notify Home Security Systems, Inc. if there is a change in temperature or if smoke is detected in your home. We have a variety of smoke detection options that can fit your needs. The best suitable options will be discussed with you during your one-on-one interview with a representative from Home Security Systems, Inc.. Your fire alarm monitoring system can be setup wirelessly or wired; depending on accessibility and space requirements in your home or business.

24/7 Response

Fires don’t just occur during normal business hours. That’s why we monitor your integrated fire alarm system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from right here in Albuquerque. A trained operator will follow your designated protocol immediately if your system is tripped. We offer SafeLink radio systems as a form of contact if you do not have a home phone line available. The radio system uses our network to communicate with our central station.

Remote Fire Alarm Monitoring System

Knowing that your home and business is safe at all times gives you peace of mind. With Home Security Systems, Inc., you can monitor your home and business at all times, from wherever you have access to a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. You can see where your family members are, and know that your life’s most valuable gifts are safe. We can even e-mail you updates. Contact us to have the power to monitor your home and business from wherever you are today.

Protect your home against a fire. Call 505.998.2245 today for a fully-integrated fire alarm monitoring system!