Smoke Detector and Fire Alarm System in Albuquerque and NM

In 2012, fire departments all over the country responded to over one million fires that caused over 12 trillion dollars worth of damage. You can help keep your home from becoming a statistic with a fire prevention system consisting of a smoke detector and fire alarm system installed by Albuquerque based Home Security Systems, Inc..

Every Home Needs a Fire Alarm System and Smoke Detector

A smoke detector and fire alarm system can alert you to a potential life-threatening situation that you might not be aware of immediately. Your home fire prevention system can:

  • Notify you and the local fire departments that there is smoke detected. We’ll give you a call immediately after notification in order to alert you to a danger. You can then let other family members know about the potential danger.
  • Notify the fire department. The quicker the fire department can respond, the less damage there may be. We can alert your local fire department quickly and get them to your home as soon as possible.

Your fire prevention system will be activated when there is presence of smoke or a rapid rise in temperature in your home.

About Fire Alarm Systems at Home Security Systems, Inc.

Home Security Systems, Inc. carries a variety of fire alarm systems that can be customized to meet your needs. We offer:

  • Photoelectric monitoring. This type of monitoring system detects smoke by sending a light pulse between two sensors located at within the smoke detector sensor. If the second sensor picks up a distorted or delayed flash, there is smoke present in the room. Once the system picks up an abnormality, our central station is alerted.
  • Temperature monitoring. This type of monitoring system detects fire by sensing abnormal spikes in heat. You can set your monitoring system to alert you if the temperature ever reaches a certain level. Once the system detects an abnormal spike in heat, our monitoring station will follow your custom emergency protocol.

You can monitor these systems remotely anywhere you have the Internet and a smart phone, tablet or computer.

24/7 Fire Prevention

Your safety and protection is always our highest priority. That’s why our monitoring systems don’t take naps or vacation time. We’ll be there to ensure your safety 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Contact Home Security Systems, Inc. for a fire prevention system that will keep your family safe at all times.

Get round the clock monitoring for your home. Call 505.998.2245 today to have a fire alarm system and smoke detector installed in your home!