Medical Alarm System & Monitoring Service in Albuquerque and NM

Burglaries and fires aren’t the only threat to your health and happiness; medical emergencies are just as dangerous and require immediate attention. An alarm system from Home Security Systems, Inc. allows you to be prepared in the event of a medical emergency.

Medical Alarm Systems at Home Security Systems, Inc.

You have a variety of medial alarm system options at Home Security Systems, Inc., including:

  • Nurse call systems. With the pull of a cord, touch of a remote or press of a button, someone in need can call for help from a nurse or medical staff.
  • Wandering patient systems. Those with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease have a tendency to wander. These systems can be customized to alert staff or a caregiver if the person with a tendency to wander is heading out a door.
  • PERS system. The PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) can be carried around with you and pressed to alert our monitoring station that you need help.

These systems are all customizable to meet the needs of your home, caregiving center, nursing home or small hospital.

Benefits of a Medical Alarm System

Senior citizens and people with disabilities, especially, can enhance their quality of life with a medical alarm system. Our alarm systems and monitoring service enable:

Increased Level of Independence

Just because you live alone, doesn’t mean you should be left without a lifeline. The medical alarm systems we offer allow you to enjoy your independence without needing a caregiver or relative to be constantly at your side. Help is only the push of a button away, and the medical alert system can be fully integrated into your home alarm or be designed as a stand-alone system.

Immediate response

In a medical emergency, every second counts. The longer you are left untreated, the more potential for more severe or permanent damage. If you should ever need to push the medical alert button to call for help, we’ll dispatch authorities immediately after receiving the alert and dispatch medical response. We’re just around the corner when you need us the most.

Round the Clock Medical Alarm Monitoring Services

Emergencies can happen at all hours of the day and night, including holidays. When you need help, Albuquerque-based operators will be there to respond to the alert sent by your medical alarm system 24/7/365 at our local monitoring station.

Your peace of mind and the peace of mind of those who love you are priceless. Put your mind at ease by knowing that help is only the push of a button away at all times. Depending on your budget, we can either sell or lease these systems. Contact Home Security Systems, Inc. today for a medical alarm monitoring service that could save your life.

Call 505.998.2245 today to give yourself a lifeline by having a medical alarm system installed in your home!